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Benefits of inCorby membership to your Venue or Group in Corby

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PLUS: As a new member, you can submit all your events in your first three months (including repeat events) on a spreadsheet we supply  - to make it easy to get your group or organisation up and running quickly!


Free access to all this:

Add Calendar items

Add and Edit your own entries

Powerful options for repeat sessions and choose your categories for easy search

Your visitors can 'Like' your courses on their own Facebook pages


Contribute your own News:

  • General Announcements
  • Volunteering & Steps to Employment
  • Paths to further learning


Directory listings:

  • Unlimited Course descriptions
  • Create profiles for your Group Organisation or Venue 


Facebook/inCorbyYou and your members can also easily Share or Like on Facebook from any calendar event or News Post -

PLUS News on inCorby is regularly posted to Facebook/inCorby


Register NOW as representative for a Venue or Group - it's FREE!

Soon after you register, inCorby will be in touch to confirm your details and check your entry with you.  
After this you will have full acccess to add and edit your own entries.


subscribeinCorby is published on 'goodwill' - ie thin air!  except for a little support from Neighbourhood Learning, NCC.

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However, we invite an entirely optional £49/year subscription for which you get:

1. Your full programme updated online, up to 3 times a year, when you provide a completed spreadsheet in the format we supply

2. The knowledge that you are playing your part in 'Joining the Dots in our Community' through inCorby.org.uk!



Members also receive eNewsletters and invitations to attend inCorby's Partner Member Meetings, held from time to time, when we plan to discuss funding opportunities and local Community Development issues.