Terms, Conditions and Privacy Agreement


1. Individuals who register

1.  Individual membership is free.

2.  Individuals register on the understanding that they will receive a newsletter by email or text  with details of forthcoming  learning events in Corby, from which they can unsubscribe within any newsletter or by application to info(at)incorby.org.uk

3. The personal information of an individual registered member will never be passed to another person or organisation whose details are not published as a current Group or Venue Member of inCorby except where we may be required to do so by law.


2.  Venue and Group Members -  ‘Partner Members’

1.  Registration and the facility to add, edit and delete Calendar Events and Directory entries on inCorby.org.uk are free.  Membership benefits also include invitations to attend an inCorby forum from time to time to meet with others engaged in providing community activities and adult learning opportunities in the town.

2.  The information of Venue and Group Members that is published on inCorby is considered to be in the public domain, and can be accessed by anyone who views  the website as a visitor. The phone number and email of registered contacts are accessible within the Directory under the Member List and within the relevant Venue and Group lists.

3. inCorby.org.uk shall not be held responsible in any way for inaccurate details that are published by registered Members.  It is up to Partner Members to keep their information accurate and up to date.

4. Members may not publish material that is racist, defamatory or indecent.  The publishers reserve complete control to delete immediately and without notice any material of this kind and to terminate Membership from anyone who does this.
5. Voluntary £50 subscriptions are invited from Partner Members.  Benefits include the publisher including a termly programme (3 times a year) from a spreadsheet you supply in the format we make available to you.


3.   Advertising, Sponsorship and Donations

1.  inCorby may offer opportunities to advertise on the site and on inCorby’s Newsletter to subscribers at published rates – with special rates to Members and standard rates to other businesses, whio may not necessarily be engaged in promoting commnity activities or providing learning opportunities for adults.

2.  Offers of sponsorship will be gratefully received and inCorby.org.uk will gladly negotiate a suitable profile for its sponsors.

3.  Donations to inCorby.org.uk will also be welcome towards the cost of providing this resource to the benefit of people in Corby


4.  Publisher contact information

JS Consulting, 8 Oslo Gardens, Corby NN18 99DS


07773 386716