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About inCorby: Community learning opportunities for adults

inCorby helps local Venues, Groups and individuals in the community of Corby to support and develop opportunities for adults to learn, grow and celebrate throughout their lives.  We aim to do this by developing a wide range of contacts through our Calendar and Directory, to make it easier to find local resources more easily.  

Learning is not only about learning 'skills' or 'knowledge', but developing response and resilience to adapt to  the fast changing society we live in. We believe that people who learn can progress towards enjoying life to the full - by:

      1. Becoming involved in their community
      2. Building and sharing learning and experience
      3. Growing towards their fullest potential.  

We offer our News and Next Steps section, which highlights opportunities for Volunteering, Steps towards employment and Paths to Further Learning. 

Be part of building community learning for adults inCorby: Partner Members.... 

Corby is full of resourceful and energetic people with a strong community commitment.  Our town is set to double in size over the next decade, bringing new life and challenges.  inCorby offers a step towards helping leaders in the community to become more aware of different initiatives and  challenges - by  helping us all become more aware of what's going on in the specific areas of adult learning and progression towards health, wellbeing and employability.

If you offer an opportunity for local adults to learn and progress, you are invited to become a Partner Member of  inCorby.

Register as an individual on inCorby to keep in touch with learning opportunities in Corby

Those who are registered on inCorby will receive a monthly newsletter with upcoming opportunities

Our future plans include:

  1. Sending out a monthly email newsletter to all Group and Venue members from the inCorby Calendar, to keep you in touch with local initiatives
  2. Sending text details to all users of the inCorby.org.uk who have registered on the site - an ideal way to keep local people up to date with new learning opportunities (did you know that text messaging in this way has over 90% open rate, when users have asked to receive it?!)
  3. Sharing our skills and experience to help to attract more funding into the town to help support and promote learning and progression opportunities  for local people 

inCorby constitution

We are currently working to create a working group to enable members to get together twice a year to discuss common concerns of community development - and also to act as a catayst for attracting comunty funding to our town and to particular projects..

How is it funded?

An initial gift and the support of Neighbourhood Learning (part of Northamptonshire County Council's Adult Learning department) has made the development of this website possible.  Our capital is currently the goodwill of a network of committed people working  in Corby in a variety of roles.

As  people use and contribute to inCorby.org.uk, we look forward to growth and the provision of what we need.  Donations towards the future growth and development  of this forward looking project will be most welcome.  Our conviction is that 'in partnership, we have great resources'